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Event: 'Winter Cup Round 6' Print
Club competitions.
Date: Sunday, March 09, 2014 - 9:00 am
Duration: 1 Hour

Competition Details


Brief History


Time of Draw(s)

Own groups / finish time

Open to visitors?

(note 1)

Open to 7/14 day tickets?

(note 2)

Fees (note 3)


Medal round Strokeplay 9 am & 10:30 am Yes, 3 pm Yes Yes £2 optional sweep Gents



The Prize Giving Presentation will be made in the Clubhouse as soon as the last card in has been processed, and no later than 3pm.


Explanatory Notes

(1) Adult visitors and member’s guests holding valid day tickets or 7 or 14 day tickets, or entitled to courtesy of the course, upon payment of the appropriate entry fee (if any) may play in certain Club competitions.  However, such players are not eligible to be recorded in the Club records as the competition winner or be awarded the competition trophy (if any).  They may optionally participate in the competition sweep (if any).  All players must hold a valid CONGU competition handicap.

(2) Adult players holding 7 or 14 day tickets may play in certain Club competitions subject to the same provisions as note (1) above, except that they are also eligible to be recorded as the competition winner and awarded the relevant trophy (if any). All players must hold a valid CONGU competition handicap.

The above rules do not apply to Club ‘Open’ competitions.  Competitions noted as mixed are also eligible for entry by female competitors on the same terms.

(3) Entry Fees shall be paid by all competitors.  Sweeps are always optional.  A competitor may elect to pay the Entry Fee (if any) for a competition and not to participate in the sweep.  Not participating in the sweep shall have not affect his/her eligibility to win the event and be awarded the relevant trophy (if any).

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