Clyde View



W 322, Y 315 yards.  Par 4.  Stroke Index 12.

R 309 yards. Par 4. Stroke Index 8.

Another tricky, blind hole.

Long hitters may aim to clear the ridge and gather to the right onto the green. Aim left of the marker to avoid the trees and rough beyond the ridge to the right.

Shorter hitters may lay-up before the hill from where a good blind iron shot will see the ball onto the green

Inaccurate drives of any length will be punished by the rough each side.

Take care not to overshoot the green as it is perilous behind.

On a clear day the view north from the ridge can be as far as Ben Lomond.


  The Twelfth Tee
The Green from the Ridge Approaching the Green The Back of the Green