Saturday 7th July - WBGC 24 Hour Challenge

Whiting Bay GC 24hour Challenge

Some pictures now of the heroic golfers and their admiring pals/families/supporters who were present at the golfy  for the conclusion of the 24hour challenge (and England's game v. Sweden). It was a great afternoon's entertainment with good food (thanks Gege and Fiona for the burgers - world class!!) and drink (thanks Jamie and Nancy for shift behind the bar. Expert as always!!)

The golfers who put themselves through this can't be thanked enough - Nicol Auld, Corey Allen, Frazer Barr, Danny Head, Davie Morrison, Dave Hackett (he's on the march with Ally's Army), Marcus Kroner, Allan MacLeod and club champion Jamie Macpherson who chipped in as golfing moral support for the last big effort .

Thanks to all who contributed, donated, participated, sponsored or simply turned up and spent some cash. One of the best days at WBGC for quite a while and whoever thought up the idea of getting a load of drunk spectators to chuck coins at a bottle of booze in the hope of winning more drink needs to be congratulated - a commercial brainwave.

And there's still time to leave cash at the clubhouse.

Thanks everybody. See you again soon.

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